Vincent-louis Apruzzese



Filthy Sheep

1 minute (A Great Day) and 30seconds (Shearing Day)

Cartoon styled 3D animation of a sheep with a shocking vocabulary.

Kool Kat (series TV)

Look Kool / C’est Wow

CGI animation/ effects demo

seasons 1-2

client: Apartment 11

Dramatic Readings

with Charles Webster Billingsworth the 3rd

Save the Earth

animation 1 minute 51 seconds 2018

voice work: Mike Luce

Theme song to the film classic:

Godzilla VS. the Smog Monster

To Be or Not to Be

animation 2 minutes 2017

voice work: Mike Luce

Based on the famous speech in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Isotretinoin side effects

animation 2 minute 58 seconds 2018

voice work: Mike Luce

A PSA  - of sorts for those suffering from pimples.

Leave Britney Alone! 

animation 2 minutes 2018

voice work: Mike Luce

Based on the viral video rant by

Chris Crocker

Swim Addie Swim! 

animation 1 ½ minutes 2018

voice work: Mike Luce

Based on a famously dramatic scene in Jaws II.

Dog & Weasel

Conquest from Space! 

animation: 2 ½ minutes

voice: Mike Luce

Jon (weasel) and Watson (Dog) must fight off an invading space robot!

Occurrence at Lake Mess

animation: 2 ½ minutes

voices: Mike Luce

Jon (weasel) and Watson (Dog) have an encounter with a lady lake monster!

In the future: with Nostro-dumbass

animation 3 minutes 2018

voice work: Michael Z. Keamy

Learn the mysteries of the future through the amazing predictions made by 50s clairvoyant Nostro-dumbass!


25 Years Later (2020)

4 minutes 19 seconds

The story of a man taking a bike journey from Montreal to Boston, where 25 years earlier, he had taken care of a sick friend and the memories invoked along the way.

28 Young Men (2020)

1 minute 51 seconds

Narrated by Michael Z. Keamy

Walt Whitman's poem read by playwright and actor michael Z. Keamy. 


Song of Myself, sec 11 in Leaves of Grass (1855)

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