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45 minutes, documentaire 2016 English

History and Homage to the one of the world's first comic book stores.

30 minutes, documentaire 2006-2011


theatre machine, 

Boston June 2006


Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2006

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88 minutes, documentaire 2006-2010


Canadian International Annual Film Festival 2002


September 6th -12th, Provincetown, MA 

Télévision premiere: 

June 4,5th, 2004 Pridevision

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Books by me


Short Stories about Nothing in Particular

An educated look at someone’s bad education.

A night out with a proto-punk group of friends. 

A nightmare of an apartment. 

A quest for religion.

A coming plague.

A true believer.

A vacation revelation.

A neighbourhood of secrets.

A health nut.

Some fetishes.

What do all these things have in common? 

Nothing in particular.

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Copps Hill Burial Ground

My photo essay of Boston's historic Copps Hill Burial Ground with photos, historical information and other tidbits

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Books for Michael Z Keamy

Three Plays About life & Death - by Michael Z. Keamy

In these three provocative plays, Michael Z. Keamy explores decisions desperate people might make at the crossroads of life and death. Personal needs, desires, fears and even humor share the stage when characters in these plays find themselves with nothing left to loose.

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Unlaunch'd Voices by Michael Z. Keamy

"I know that Leaves of Grass has proven to be worse than a failure...I cannot separate the book from myself..." This inspirational play, written with Walt Whitman's own words and poetry, takes place on May 30, 1889, Walt Whitman's seventieth birthday. A celebration dinner to honor the poet is scheduled and many friends and celebrated guests are to attend. As Whitman prepares himself for the event, we, the audience, are an intimate visitor in his room. Walt welcomes us and starts to reminisce, questioning his success as a man and a poet. This search leads us through Whitman's life- a journey filled with humor, pathos and poetry. As we witness the "mystical experience" that inspired the creation of Leaves of Grass, Walt transforms into his younger self. We hear of his strong opposition to censorship, his celebratory views on sex and the human body, and his struggle with his sexual self. We learn about the harsh reception of his critics and the now famous letter of encouragement from Ralph Waldo Emerson. We later become witness to the agonies of the Civil War, and Whitman's involvement as caretaker to the sick and wounded. It is here on the battlefield where Whitman finds "the most important work of my life." By reassessing his life with us, Walt Whitman comes to an understanding about himself, God and Death that is transformative for him and the audience.

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